Why Precious Metals?

We provide the industry's simplest, yet most complete precious metals IRA program. Our IRA fees and precious metals storage fees are among the lowest in the industry, while still providing you with the most flexible investment options.

Accuplan is uniquely poised to help you avoid the high costs, complications, and mistakes other precious metals IRA programs can burden you with. Our direct relationship with American Estate & Trust keeps transaction times and errors to a minimum, streamlining the entire process.

Gold IRA assets in your retirement portfolio are ideal for anyone wanting to diversify outside of traditional paper assets. By keeping your IRA solely invested in stocks and bonds, you're making your money vulnerable to inflation, and to market turmoil. A gold IRA rollover is a great way to help protect your retirement money. Gold and silver hedge against the lowering of the U.S dollar, since typically, when inflation occurs, gold appreciates. Savvy investors can find a safe haven in hard assets like precious metals in times of economic uncertainty.

Balance your retirement portfolio today, by creating a precious metals IRA account.

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