A Self-Directed 401K Gives You Control

A self-directed 401K is a 401K plan set-up for you as a company, which is why this account type is also known as a self-employed 401K. As the manager of the company, you can act as the Trustee for the plan's monies. Like a self-directed IRA, a self-directed 401K enables you to self-direct your investments, but in this case it is on behalf of your 401K. The investments can be in real estate, other companies, or your own C-Corp. The use of this type of structure enables you to have investment and checkbook control over the account. This eliminates custodian involvement and hassles, regardless of the investments.

Because you have more control over the investments you make with your self-directed 401K, it is important that you're fully in compliance with IRS laws. That's exactly how we can help.