What is the IRA-LLC setup process?

Accuplan will first consult with you to determine what your objectives are for self-directed investing. Then, we will create a new individual retirement account (IRA) in your name, plus a separate LLC with our custodian, American Estate & Trust. You will then rollover your IRA or 401K to American Estate & Trust, and establish banking and investment accounts for the LLC at your local bank. After that, American Estate & Trust buys membership in the LLC, and you direct the investments as the LLC manager.

Establishing and operating IRA LLC comes with its own set of IRA LLC set-up rules, and the importance of following these rules cannot be understated. If your self-directed IRA is found in violation of these rules, you could face some expensive consequences. This is exactly how we can help, we have extensive experience in this industry, and can make this as easy as possible.

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