Self Directed IRA Rules and Regulations

When you open and operate a self-directed IRA, your investment options increase in flexibility more than any other retirement account type. It’s important to note that the IRS does prohibit some asset types and transactions, and there are restrictions to the ways that some investments are used.

At Accuplan Benefits Services, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of IRS rules, and as your self-directed IRA administrator, and American Estate & Trust as your custodian, we want to make sure that you are always in full knowledge of these rules and regulations so you can maintain the tax-advantaged status of your account.

Taking part in any IRA prohibited transaction, even unintentionally or unwittingly, can result in your account losing its qualified tax-protected IRA status. You might also have to pay taxes plus additional penalty fees.

Your IRA retirement plan also cannot conduct transactions which benefit you, your beneficiaries or other disqualified persons, or your business. This is what’s called Self-Dealing and it’s prohibited.