These Self-Directed IRA Rules Are Important

Investing how you want with your IRA is important to us. A self-directed IRA is the way to invest how you want with your IRA. What you might not realize though is a self-directed IRA is really just a regular IRA. The key to a self-directed IRA or being able to invest in what you want with an IRA is having a custodian that will allow you to invest how you want with your IRA. We at Accuplan offer a truly self-directed IRA and will allow you to invest how you want with your IRA. What is the catch? The only catch is that you have to follow the rules set by the IRS for investing with your IRA. To help stay on the correct path when investing with your IRA let's talk about a few of the biggest self-directed IRA rules when investing with your IRA.

Self-Directed IRA Rules To Know

Disqualified Transactions

The IRS has outlined two things that are not allowed inside of an IRA and so you will want to stay clear of these types of investments or they will surely disqualify your IRA.  What are the two disqualified transactions?

  1. 1- Insurance Policies- You cannot take out a life insurance policy on yourself inside of an IRA. We will get more into why this is the case under the self dealings section.
  2. 2- Collectibles- This includes stamps, coins, artwork, guns, cars, and any other asset that could be deemed a collectible. If it seems like a collectible then the best bet is to stay clear of the investment. Note:  The IRS does allow gold and silver as long as it meets certain criteria. Find out more –> Gold Back IRA FAQs

Disqualified Persons

This is a very big issue when investing with a self-directed IRA. In regards to disqualified persons you cannot lend money to them through your IRA, invest in their businesses through your IRA or let them live in a real estate property that you purchased through your IRA. The following is directly from the IRS website and explains what constitutes someone as a disqualified person. So who is considered a disqualified person? The following image should help show you who is considered disqualified and who may be disqualified.

Disqualified Persons

This is the general rule to disqualified persons. You will want to make sure for your specific situation that you are not doing any dealings with disqualified persons. Contact us today for help in determining if you are dealing with a disqualified person.

Self Dealings

This is another topic that can be easily broken but easily forgotten. IRA owners cannot make investments that benefit themselves, even indirectly. For example, you cannot use your IRA to buy a house that you will be living in. Nor can you use your IRA to buy a house that any of your family members will be living in or renting. This is another area that you will want to make sure your specific situation is in line with the rules. If you need help trying to make sure you are not self dealing then contact us and we can help.

These are just a few of the biggest rules to investing with your IRA. We want you to be fully aware and educated so that you can have the best experience investing with your IRA. It should also be noted that if you fail to abide by any of these rules you risk significant tax liability to your IRA and in turn you would be removing all the benefits that come with IRAs.

We are here to help make sure you stay on the right course with your investing inside of an self-directed IRA. Please call us and talk to a professional for more information.


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