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Important Self Directed IRA Rules You Need To Know


Retirement investing can be much more fun when you are in charge of your own retirement. One of the best thing about taking control of your own retirement is that you can decide what your retirement is invested in. You don't have to have only stocks and bonds. You also don't need to take control of all of your retirement accounts. If you want you can take control of a portion of your retirement monies and invest that yourself. Those that do this typically do it through a self directed IRA.

A self directed IRA is the same thing as a normal IRA except that you are able to invest in real estate properties, gold, private companies and much more. The possibilities are endless.

As we previously talked about in one of our last posts, Baby Boomers are arriving at retirement with more debt, and specifically more mortgage debt. We also mentioned that one of the best ways to arrive at retirement with less mortgage debt is through a self directed IRA.

We want you to help you learn the rules to self directed IRAs so that you can take full advantage of your retirement. While there are rules you need to be aware it shouldn't be overwhelming. The rules are pretty straight forward and once you learn them they apply to all of your investments. There may be a few changes here or there depending on the type of IRA retirement account that you have but for the most part it should be pretty straight forward.

You need to be aware of some of the biggest issues and most broken rules when investing with your self directed IRA. Here are a few self directed IRA rules to be aware of:

  1. Disqualified Transactions – There are a few things that you cannot invest in as well as a few scenarios that make some investments disqualified.
  2. Disqualified Persons – While you can invest in just about anything there are a some people that make all investments disqualified.

These are two of the biggest issues that investors have when investing their retirement. There are other issues that you much be aware of but this is a starting point. If you need help figuring out more about disqualified transactions or disqualified persons please contact us and we can make sure you are investing correctly with your self directed IRA.